The Hypelocal Methodology

We believe that well-executed demand generation marketing should generate measurable and profit-driven growth—simple as that. Discover our proven methodology below.

If you are a business owner or manager that has failed to generate ROI, it is probably for one of two reasons:

  1. The online digital world is the new norm for consumers. But marketing has become extremely technical and difficult. There is a huge knowledge gap that is growing larger by the day. Most that are responsible for commercial activities simply do not have knowledge or expertise to execute key digital strategies themselves. They need to rely on others but they they may not know what skills are needed or the right tactics to invest into. So, the business ends up wasting marketing dollars to get zero results.
  2. As Gordon Borrell said in one of his reports on local marketing agencies, "the deer have the guns". He suggests that over 70% of digital marketers in the field, managing services for businesses, have no clue how to drive actual performance. They are simply fulfilling services. This means established businesses and brands that have serious money to invest in marketing are losing because they are working with the wrong providers.
Digital Marketing Methodology

There is hope.

Working with businesses and brands all over the world, we realized that these issues were compounding. As the knowledge gap widens, more growth-ready businesses continue to lose on their investments. That is why we have developed a fail-proof methodology to launch successful campaigns that generate scalable and repeatable performance.

Here’s an overview of our methodology and our approach.

Hypelocal Approach

The Hypelocal Approach

Situational Analysis Icon

Step 1. Situational Analysis  

We perform an unbiased, comprehensive, and systematic evaluation of your current internal and external marketing environment. First, we seek to understand the vision for the company, objectives, the current strategy, ideal customer personas, products and services, positioning/messaging, existing marketing funnels, and overall customer journey. Then, we audit and analyze existing traffic, lead sources, conversion methods, and marketing tactics being used to uncover gaps in your existing strategy.

Objectives and Success Criteria

Step 2. Objectives and Success Criteria

Understanding the true objective of the campaign and what will make it successful is as important as actually deploying the marketing. Without having a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished and how our clients will measure performance, it is impossible for us to hit target. That's why we focus on improving specific business value metrics within specified timespans. To do this, we follow SMART goal setting and OKR frameworks.

Strategy Development Icon

Step 3. Strategy Development

Every client is unique, and that is why the development of a unique and prescriptive strategy is essential. Once we have accurately assessed the current situation and performance of the firm, we will be able to identify bottlenecks, quick-win opportunities, and prepare to take tactical action to drive substantial growth.

Tactics and Plan Icon

Step 4. Tactics and Plan

Now it's time to take our assessment and transform it into an action plan. In this phase of our methodology, we build a tactical implementation plan that will be executed to bridge the gaps identified in the audit, leverage low-hanging opportunities, and achieve the objectives outlined in Step 2.


Step 5. Implementation

Once the plan has been developed and approved by the client, it is time to deploy the marketing tactics. At this stage, we create comprehensive work-back schedules so that resources can be allocated in a timely and efficient manner. Many marketing projects miss target because they fail to do this step effectively. At Hypelocal, we've launched hundreds of strategic marketing campaigns and we know exactly what levers need to be pulled, and when, in order to guarantee the success of the program.

Controls Icon

Step 6. Controls

Marketing programs that are implemented without clear controls are likely to fail. Hypelocal sets up detailed, and extensive measurements of the campaign results because ROI should be clear and actionable. Close campaign monitoring and tight controls allow us to identify challenges and obstacles early so that they can be avoided or adjusted for. This also gives client leadership deep clarity on performance and the confidence that comes with knowing that your objectives are being hit.

CRO Icon

Step 7. Conversion Rate Optimisation

Once the campaign is fully active, we can begin to establish a baseline of data and performance with which we can work from. At Hypelocal, our work is never done. That's why we deploy the Kaizen framework for continuous improvement to ensure that we are always improving our metrics, month-after-month, year-after-year. We immediately take aim at key levers such as pricing, value proposition, and offers. By deploying conversion rate optimisation tactics like multi-variant testing and heat map tracking, we are able to iteratively improve campaigns and create more leads and sales from the investment.

Our above methodology and focus around generating tangible cash-flow producing results is what has underpinned our success. Marketing must be successful or it is not doing its job.

We persistently win, not only for ourselves, but for every client we serve.

We have had the fortune of working with thousands of businesses, of all shapes-and-sizes, all over the world. We help them to unlock unprecedented growth.

We have consulted with many of the major agencies and media firms across North America. We help them to develop and launch new marketing products, develop new techniques, iterate and improve their processes, and scale efficiently.

We have sat on both sides of the table. This experience gives us a unique perspective on the market, the most effective modern tactics, and has bolstered the creation of our methodology and accompanying products and packages.

Our modern and refined digital marketing system is what has underpinned our results. We have delivered over $500 million in sales volume for hyperlocal businesses, ecommerce brands, and SaaS startups. And we aspire to continue to improve daily.

Significant performance and results are imminent.

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