Gated Asset + LinkedIn Ads = 5,000+ Leads

The Hypelocal team worked with an enterprise SaaS company to develop a 200+ page downloadable guide on lead generation. This guide was paired with a strategic LinkedIn ad program to drive downloads and generate inbound leads to fuel the company’s sales engine.

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1x Contact Info Gated Marketing Asset
5,583 Marketing Qualified Leads Generated
5,583 Marketing Qualified Leads Generated

Company Challenge



Unable to scale inbound leads to fuel the growth of the sales division. The company was facing a lead drought, forcing sales development representatives to predominantly perform outbound motions or else mine the depths of the CRM with the hopes of reigniting old accounts.

How we Helped

  • We created the single most comprehensive guide to lead generation that has ever been compiled. Nearly 300 pages of tactical information on how to deploy 39 distinct lead generation programs; something that the client’s audience was seeking desperately.
  • We created a two-prong LinkedIn campaign that focussed on newsfeed ads and conversation ads, targeting the same audience subset. Through iteration and continuos improvement on ad copy and design, we were able to hit an average CPL of $30 on the campaign, marking a 175% reduction in CPL against the company average.
  • These leads were then nurtured through an integrated email campaign that drove traffic towards platform signups. The email campaign achieved a CTR that beat the company average by nearly 50%.
  • Less than 6 month after the launch of the campaign, it has already generated north of $60,000 in new recurring revenue for the company.

Result and Impact

This campaign enabled the client to fill their inbound lead funnel with high-quality leads that fueled the sales division for the months to come. Many of these leads are still being worked and nurtured towards a platform partnership with the client.